I couldn’t possibly put a figure to the number of handbags I’ve seen the outside of, but the inside is a whole other story. The inside of a woman’s handbag is like her secret weapon, you never know what she could have hidden in the depths. Is there a scarlet red lipstick made only for the purpose of leaving lip shaped stains on family members cheeks? Or perhaps a travel pack of Kleenex used as a form of public humiliation inflicted by mothers on their small children (how many times did your mother force you to blow your nose in public as a kid?!) Or maybe there are far more innocent creatures lurking in there soft leather wallets, car keys and of course a mobile phone. Whether it be a small clutch or an over-sized tote there are always a few essentials that we’re never without.

We can’t speak for all of women kind but we sure had a lot of fun guessing what they might have stored inside their handbags.  What are your essential day to day things you keep in your bag?