Pick Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring For A Romantic Twist

With changing times, couples are looking for something different than the “traditional diamond engagement ring”.


Well, why don’t you pick a yellow diamond engagement ring for your future bride this time?

Get your engagement ring customized. You can try out a very unique and romantic sparkle to it with….YELLOW DIAMONDS.

Yellow diamonds are quite rare, due to which yellow diamond studded engagement rings are quite uncommon. I feel that surely your choice will turn some heads.

engagmment rings

Focus on these points…..

• The hues of these yellow diamonds can be categorized from a very “light yellow” to a deep, “vivid yellow”.
• The lightest yellow diamond is denoted (graded) as U-V.
• As the stone color deepens, the grades change by “V-W and W-X grades”.
• After these, grades, the diamonds that have very deep yellow color, and are considered as “fancy.”
• Note: Fancy yellow diamonds are considered more valuable due to the depth and brilliance of their color. This is the major reason why due to which they are preferred more for studding in “engagement rings”.

Engagement rings are available in all the shapes: round, square and oval. I personally like oval cut yellow diamond engagement rings the most.

If you have decided to buy yellow diamond ring for your engagement, there are certain things that you must bear in mind:

• Before buying the ring, make sure that the inimitable properties of the diamond stand out and make their best impression.

yellow diamonds
• There is a significant factor, which you must not neglect and that is the cut of the diamond.

a) If the yellow color of the diamond is lighter and more elusive, it would be better that you ask jeweler to give your ring a cushion cut.
b) Dark yellow shade diamonds look pretty in any cut given to them.
c) Another vital thing to consider is the metal of the ring band.
d) Yellow gold might clash with the color of the diamond, so go with white gold, or you can prefer platinum. Either way, diamond is compatible with platinum, a popular choice for every diamond engagement rings.