Handbags and their different types

Handbags are in high demand amongst women. Women are habitual of carrying handbags with them of different sizes. Nowadays we have several types of handbag available. On parties, you can carry different handbags and casually, a different one. You can get variety of handbags on Mushkiya (Official Website: http://mushkiya.com/)


Below are some of the types of handbags:

  • Leather Handbags

The leather handbag is an essential workhouse handbag. It is really spacious and can hold a lot of things in it. You can choose a black color or a dark brown and never go for white or light beige as they get easily dirty.

  • Clutch

Clutches are one of the bags with whom you can have fun. There is no need of spending a lot and they also come in different colors and materials.

  • Cross BodyTB_35585_248_I

The cross body bags contain an adjustable strap with a front flap. This should never be too heavy and should be of medium size.

  • The Evening Clutch

This bag is for occasional use. The most simple you can carry must be simple black satin or metallic clutch in gold or silver. If you want it with a little sparkle then it should be more classic so that it can go with everything.

  • Straw Basket

The straw basket is a little more playful than other handbags. You can carry a lot of things in it if it is well made. It is very spacious also. This straw basket was made by Jane Birkin which was her signature handbag.

  • Shoulder bag of medium size

These shoulder bags are sleek and are perfect for the daily routine. A lot of handbags of different shapes are also available in the medium size. Now the choice is yours which type handbag do you exactly want.

  • Chic Tote

The chic tote is the most wanted bag amongst women. Most women don’t just need a big bag, all they need is the bag that should look professional and polished. This kind of the bag should be the bag you could carry on a daily basis.


So, there exists a wide variety of handbags, that you can choose from. You can check this useful reference to check the variety of handbags online.