The Awesome New Trend is a Stand Up Paddle Surfboard

One of the most popular surfboards among the surfers is the Stand-up Paddle surfboard or also known as SUP board. There are many people who don’t know the difference between standup surfboards and traditional ones.

There are various Surfboard Manufacturers who have introduced Stand up Paddle Surfboards to cruise on waves just like regular boards.

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But the only difference between stand up and traditional surfboards is that surfers stand up on board till the time of surfing and push themselves with the long paddles rather than just sitting down and paddling with the help of arms.

SUP’s are becoming popular among surfers as these are the best boards for surfing on small waves. These types of surfboards can also be used on still water, for sliding around the lake, coves or on the bay.

Sup paddle boarding is one of the great workouts with loads of fun. The length of these surfboards is usually 10.5 feet to 12 feet.

Surfers just need to pick the right wooden or carbon paddle according to the size and height of the board. They can also go for wider surfboards for stability; however, wider board paddles makes surfing slower.

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Manufacturers recommend deck padding instead of usual surf wax because rubber deck padding makes your feet easier to paddle and stand for a longer time on the Stand-Up paddle surfboard.

A wooden paddle is also recommended if you are at least 6 inches taller than the surfer instead of a carbon paddles. Carbon paddles are mainly designed for expert paddle surfboard surfers.

If you are crazy about surfing to Stand up surfboard then makes sure you first learn how to paddle on flat water situations instead to taking your SUP board on the big wavy days on the very first day.

Once you are ready to tackle and hang around paddling on flat water, then you can put your tackle surfing with your Stand up Paddle Surfboard.