Plan Your Camping Trip This Time In Military Style

Camping has its own charm and passion.

Campers remain passionate about camping because if offers them fun and the feel of ADVENTURE……….LIVING ON THE EDGES!!

But, half of the time if you are assembling tents and folding them back that consumes a lot of time.

It would be better if you opt for military tents.

Why not camp this time in military style….This time???

NO…No…..don’t have to worry about setting up giant tents like soldiers used to do and then they all used to sleep together in.

Well, advancement has not just happened in the gadgets, lifestyle, eatable, accessories, etc. but in military equipments too.

These days, marine and Army soldiers get high-tech 2 man tents that are easy to assemble and carry anywhere. These tents are available in different styles, shapes and sizes, but all of them are light in weight and highly portable tents.

military surplus tents

You can get to know everything about these tents from this official source:, as they are the surplus leading manufacturer of the military tents.

As already mentioned above, there are end numbers of choices in military tents, you can pick any one according to your needs and requirements.

Here are a few of the exclusive examples of military tents for your consideration:

• Dome tent: It is a military combat tent, appropriate to fill the need for the regular camper and hunter to sleep safely.

1. It is lightweight, can be setup in a flash, and it can be brought down very easily.

2. Denier polyester fabric is used to make this tent, this fabric is extremely durable. That is not all; this fabric is a high count material with a 2000 mm water repellent rating.

• Temper Tent: The Temper tent or Tent Extendable Modular Personnel is a segmental, soft-walled, aluminum mount supported tent. It is precisely designed to enlarge exponentially and set up in numerous configurations.

surplus army tent

1. This tent is of 20’ x 24’ height and width and has a floor area of 640 sq. ft. You can lookout for other guides online in regards to camping tents. For now, click on this web link to get more ideas on military camping tents and camping styles.

2. The temper tent has an aluminum frame which is mainly covered with a vinyl-coated polyester duck cloth which is totally fire resistant, mildew, and water resistant.

3. The covering also has specific coatings that decrease its optical and electronic features to support camouflage properties.

4. This Temper tent is tailored with features that permit both heating and air conditioning.