A Guide to Headgears for beginners

Boxing, as you all know, is an exciting game in all its form. It leads to adrenaline rush in your body while asked to stay in a controlled environment. Due to this, there is a lot of enjoyment in playing this game and there are no serious injuries too.

Nonetheless, if you are not cautious, boxing can become a dangerous game for you. You cannot neglect the safety wears and precautions while playing this sport.

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Without an appropriate protective headgear, you won’t be able to stay for long in this game. Your opponent will knock you down with just a few hits. Even though the hits by your opponent are not directed to your head, but the continuous hits will surely make you lose your balance and surrender.

Fortunately the sporting equipment companies have come up with headgears which are also used by the MMA Life Scholarship Winner for boxing that are made of substances that absorb the impact of the force like nothing else. They come in a number of styles, sizes and protection types to choose from.

Headgears are cushioned to guard you against all the types of punches.There are 2 main types of headgears for boxing- the ‘full face’ and the ‘open face’. You can choose any of them depending on the kind of boxing that you do.

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Full Face headgear

The design of full face headgear slides across the head and has cut out areas for ears, eyes, mouth and nose. The sparring gloves MMA doesn not have an adjustable chin strap, but on the contrary, has a padding mould around the chin that sticks to your chin like a mask. You should go for this type of headgear if you are new to boxing.

Open face headgear

The open face headgear is similar to a motorbike helmet. This is because it has an adjustable chin strap. However, it offers complete protection to the top, sides and back of your head. It does not have padding for the front face area, unlike the full face headgear.

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