Specifications To Look For In A Surveillance Camera

Google defines Surveillance as any camera which is used for the purpose of performing close observation, especially of any suspicious person or activity.

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Surveillance Cameras

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This is because it is considered to be something very trending in the industry of surveillance cameras.

Today, in this article, we will be discussing about the various specifications which a buyer should look for in a surveillance camera before buying it:

  • A Wider Camera Coverage

One of the main factors that have greatly contributed to the high level popularity of Surveillance Cameras is that they have the capability to give a wider camera coverage.

Therefore, before buying a Surveillance Camera, one should always look whether the camera has this feature or not.

  • Higher Resolution As Well As HD Video

Surveillance Camera

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These days HD PTZ camera is getting very famous as a surveillance camera since it can capture High Definition Videos i.e. HD Videos and can also provide greater detailing which improves the identification.

Therefore, before the purchase of a surveillance camera, one should always consider whether it can provide Higher resolutions as well as HD Videos or not.

  • Lux As Well As Light Sensitivity

The light sensitivity of a camera is generally measured in Lux. Further, this is the standard specification which one can see while defining how well a camera is able to see in situations which are subject to poor lighting.

If anyone is looking for a camera that can serve the purpose of capturing high quality images even in the low light or in areas which are quiet dark, then that person should try to find a day and night camera that can take the advantage of near-infrared light.