Why Solar Swimming Pool?

If you are thinking about buying a heated indoor swimming pool then you should know that it’s quite expensive and out of budget for many people. The one who still wants the comfort of swimming all over the year can go for the solar swimming pool. It is quite inexpensive and easily affordable.

With the sun dome pool cover, you will get an indoor experience in your outdoor pool. The dome is just like the solar cover. It will act just like a solar greenhouse for your pool. There will be a temperature increase of water by 20 degrees.


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If you are living in a place with cold winters then the water there will not be warm enough for you to swim comfortably. With sun dome pool cover, you can extend your swimming season.

You can easily use your pool earlier in the spring. The benefit of solar pool dome is that it not only heats the pool but also keep it warm. Like the wind on the pool surface quickly cool the surface water but the dome will shield it.

Dome is usually made up of material that blocks UV rays as these rays can cause sunburns. Dome cover helps in keeping the pool clean and away from, leaves and other debris.  It usually saves your time and money as well.

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There are various options for sunroom design available; you can choose the one that matches your home exterior. Nowadays curved eave sunrooms are quite popular but straight eave designs are suggested in case your home has contemporary look. You can check this out to know about pool sunroom. 

Make sure that a good company is selected by you to enclose your patio. As you are spending money on the pool enclosure makes sure that it should be durable.