Laser Engraving – A Decisive Glass Carving & Decoration Technique

Nowadays, everybody has seen these glass products with a 3D image inside. People are always amazed about the looks of the models inside whether it is a car, a sailboat or just a company logo.

In fact the image created in this way looks like a sculpture inside a glass block. This is probably the reason, why this glass decoration technique is so very popular.

It is the first technique which makes it possible to create a ‘sculpture’ with the help of a computer (CAD). The first time that the 3D models from inside the computer can be transformed in something real outside the computer.

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The most well-known application is for making corporate gifts. A glass block or any other form with an internal design of a company logo and text is a long-lasting gift which will definitely get a place at the desk of the receiver.

The technology has developed and objects are not limited anymore to a few centimeters by a few centimeters.

Massive blocks of 15cm by 15cm can completely be filled up with designs and texts. So it is also an ideal material for glass trophies which are usually bulkier than the smaller blocks which are seen everywhere in the shops.

The general giftware market is the second market for these products. Images of landmarks, like the Eiffel tower or the Taj Mahal, are popular souvenir items and create a lifelong remembrance of that special holiday.

These days, term 3D crystal laser engraving is widely used instead of subsurface laser engraving.

The technique of 3d laser crystal engraving is continuous evolving and the speeds are ever-increasing. This opened the way for other, larger applications.

In offices, glass dividers with an internal laser engraved design find their way. Glass furniture, like table tops, can be decorated with this technique.

The major reason behind this approach is the trend of Personalized gifts is another increasing market for the 3D crystal gifts.

With new camera techniques and also just by software, a 3D image of the face/head is made in the wink of an eye. With some additional text it becomes a beautiful anniversary gift, a birthday gift or just a beautiful home decoration.

More and more popular are signs for commercial purposes. Especially the combination of these signs and LED-light technology are very powerful, because the engraving lights up and the other parts of the glass stay unlit.

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