Importance Of Flatbed Printers In Printing Work  

Flatbed printers are very popular these days for fine art printing, silk screening or poster printing. The applications that require a significant amount of graphics to be printed require the use of flatbed printers. The flatbed printers usually don’t have fast printing speed but these printers are efficient in printing high pixel art to a host of surfaces.

Such printing techniques can produce digital images. The flatbed parts in these printers are moved by large rollers. The printing work is done on paper, transfer paper and clothing.

How does the flatbed printer work?

The item on which printing is to be carried out is placed on the bed of the printer. The rollers in flatbed printer then move conveyor belt. A drying area is there which is relatable to conveyor belt but is not moveable.


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The functionality of UV flatbed printer is just like other printers. Here information is collected that is further translated to graphics. How it works is already discussed above.

The work procedure may differ sometime on bases of the medium on which printing is to be done. The medium is passed via print nozzles on which graphics appear. The printing work is received from the other side.

Make sure that you keep the medium untouched for a particular time period this ensures a strong adhesion and prevent smearing of the ink.


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Some people choose UV roll to roll printer for carrying out printing work.

Resolution and Speed

The resolution of such a printer is high. They are best in transferring graphics and images to the host of the medium. Have a peek at this site to know more about the flatbed printer.

The area which is left uncolored is filled automatically. The nozzle head of such printers should be large enough otherwise resolution is lost during printing.