Hardwood Floors – How To Save Money Using The Grading System

If you are in the market for hardwood floors but have not yet decided whether to hire a wood floor contractor or do it yourself, then you might want to consider the following facts.

They come in various colors and hardness. Prices can vary from the lowest to the higher.

The grading system has been developed by the Wood Flooring Manufacturers Association. For any information related to hardwood flooring, you can contact hardwood floor contractors


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This is used to determine the quality of unfinished wood floors. It uses colors, items, and tagging as criteria.

It seems that people on the market today are looking for wood that is more natural, which shows more natural nodes and variations or even shows texture.

When you buy a wooden floorboard you can take it home and finish it there or you can buy a finished floor. Prepared forests can make you more expensive but can save money for labor. That’s because it’s easier to put the board down and not mess like installing a standard floor.

Ask for an example board so you can take it home, put it down and see how it works. This way you will avoid making big mistakes and escaping from misery-making the wrong decision besides saving your money if it doesn’t work the way you want.

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If you choose not to install your own floor, you can hire a wood floor contractor and buy an unfinished floor of your choice. Costs will vary depending on the contractor you choose. 

This type of skilled workforce is very labor intensive. But the results will be exotic and will not have a standard-looking appearance. One can hire Rubio monocoat installers for Rubio monocoat floor installation. 

Whatever your choice is, whether you decide to hire a contractor or do it yourself, you will not make the mistake of installing hardwood floors in your home or office.