Tea Brewing – How to get it Right

From tea manufacturers to suppliers, and even tea drinkers, everyone will tell you that just buying the right kind of is not enough. It is imperative to understand how to brew the various kinds of teas that are available in the market.

This also depends on how well you brew it, as there is nothing more off-putting than a cup of badly brewed that can throw your entire day off the track! So follow these quick pointers to find out how you can brew the perfect cup.

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Why is tea bitter?

The Type of Tea: Whether you are buying your tea from us here at Sublime Teas, or turning to your local tea suppliers or manufacturers, you will need to understand that buying tea and learning how to brew it go hand in hand.

The Material of Your Teapot: The material of your teapot also has a large bearing on the way your tea tastes. That is stored in a silver or brass teapot will acquire a different taste, while tea that has been stored and served from a teapot will have a more refined and organic taste that will not be so heavily altered.

The Temperature: As per many tea suppliers and manufacturers, teas like oolong and white teas should be brewed after the water has been boiled and then cooled so that the taste, as well as the healing properties, can come to the fore.

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