Canyoneering Adventure in the Small yet Popular town of Badian

Badian is located in the South West of Cebu City. It is a 3rd class municipality in the province of Cebu, Philippines. According to the 2015 Census, it has a population of 37,912 people. Badian is 98 km southwest of Cebu City. Badian is bordered to the north by the town of Moalboal, to the west is the Tañon Strait, to the east is the town of Dalaguete, and to the south is the town of Alegria.  

Aside from the famous waterfall that is known internationally, there’s an extreme adventure too that is lurking from behind that awaits every traveler to have fun and enjoy the ultimate Badian canyoneering adventure. Badian isn’t just famous because of Kawasan falls now that the canyoneering activity is also gaining lots of attention both from locals and foreign travelers. 


Travel Guide: 


Getting to Badian

  • From Cebu City, take any public transportation or taxi to take you to South Bus Terminal, just a few blocks from Elizabeth Mall (EMall). 
  • Inside the South Bus Terminal, ask someone where is the bus that is bound to Bato. The people in there will surely lead you to the right bus with a warm smile. 
  • Make sure you took the bus that is bound to Bato via Barili NOT Bato via Oslob since Bato  via Oslob buses won’t pass Kawasan falls at all. 
  • NOTE: Take the yellow buses (Ceres), they are air-conditioned buses and the bus fare is around 120 to 150 PHP ($2 to $3). The bus ride will be around 3 hours. 
  • Remind the conductor or the driver to stop at Kawasan Canyoneering Headquarters at Matutinao Beach Resort, just across a roman catholic church. 

Going back to the City 

After having fun with your Badian canyoneering activity and you want to go back to the City immediately, you can ride a bus to take you back to the City. You just have to cross the street from Matutinao Beach Resort and ride a Ceres Bus back to the South Bus Terminal. 

Plan an Historical, Cultural And Adventurous Tour to Israel

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Why Gun Enthusiasts To Try The Trophy Whitetail Hunting

Make use of your skills. To test it out, try going to the wild. Try the trophy whitetail hunting in Texas. If you got an adventurer heart, for sure, you would greatly love this game. As a reward, you could take home any parts of the animal you have caught. You could display it on your home. This activity is not just ideal for gun enthusiasts. This is perfect for chefs too.

Obtaining good ingredients should be part of their skills. To hone that ability, they need to experience and try hunting. Visiting the habitat of their main ingredient might give them some good cooking ideas. In order to obtain that special knowledge, an incredible amount of observation and experience must be involved.

This is not just perfect for those people. Even people who are in the military could try it. While they are visiting their family, they could kill time by hunting for remarkable ingredients. At least, by doing this, even if they are away from the military, they could still preserve their abilities.

Going to the wild, observing their target, and enduring the terrible weather, as what you can see, this activity is pretty remarkable. Give it a try. To add spice to your, enjoy this kind of event. You will find a number of hunting spots in the states.

If you are new to all of these things, talk to a renowned guide. Find out if you managed to meet the qualifications. Of course, that is important. There are some places that are not ideal for newbies. In addition to that, your guide should ensure that you are licensed enough to hold a gun.

If that is not the case, see if they can offer you good options. Rather than using a gun, you could actually use some hunting bows. Of course, the agency involve in this activity must take various things into consideration before accepting your request. They have to, especially, to newbies.

To give you better experience, they need to train you. Actually, to know how good you are in hunting deer, you would be rated based on the location of the wound. Of course, you need to spice up the activity. Aside from waiting for a target, you must hit them on a very good spot.

By hitting their weakest part, your target would lack the leisure to run. They would be killed instantly. Agencies involve in this program are there to guide you. They hire highly excellent hunters just to assist you. Since this is an outdoor activity, you have to expect that clearing the activity would require extra efforts and hard work.

Therefore, never take it too lightly. Unless your presence of mind is pretty high, avoid taking part of this game. Be responsible enough. Be attentive to the instructions too. Most importantly, make sure to find the best agency for the job. Consider their reputation and knowledge. You have to keep an eye to their reputation. As a hunter, whether you are new or not, you must Equipped yourself with enough knowledge too. You should prepare for the worst scenario. Unless you got that kind of strength, try to be hesitant enough in joining this game.

Israel Tours For The Tourists

You should take out some time from your busy schedule in order to travel and enjoy the beauty of this beautiful world. You can take any travel packages in order to relax and unwind. Every place you visit may leave you with a lot of new things to experience. But some travel destination places alter your life in a completely miraculous way.

Israel tours offer you the same life-changing experience.  Christian tours to Israel ignite the Christian faith of the person visiting there. Tour to Israel enhances one’s knowledge of the holy book. It also strengthens person spirituality.  You even get private tour guides in order to enjoy unforgettable travel experience.


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If you feel lost, alone or trying to find the meaning of life then Christian tour to Israel will give the life-changing experience of life.

There are wide ranges of an option during your Israel visit. Israel tour includes:

  • Israel Holy land tour: This tour is centric around holy places of Israel.
  • Israel Jewish heritage tour:  This tour revolves around Jewish significance places.
  • Israel Christian tours:  This tour focuses on places of Christian significance.
  • Israel classic tour: Here tourists are taken only to the well-known places of Israel.

You can also visit only specific places of interest in Israel.  This kind of tour includes Jerusalem tours, tours to the Dead Sea and Masada.


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Your trip to Israel is not completed my visit to Jerusalem. It is one of the most popular places in the country.  Here you get a chance to see Old and New Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives. You can click here to know more about Israel. 

The Western Wall is one of the holiest sites in Israel. It is located in the Jewish Quarter.

Other popular spots that you should visit are:

  • The Christian Quarter
  • Church of the Holy Sepulture
  • Cardo
  • The Yad Vashem
  • Temple Mount
  • Dome of the Rock