How To Choose The Best Boxing Gloves?

Finding a right pair of boxing gloves is not at all an easy task. This is because for every purpose you need the different type of boxing gloves. For sparing you need gloves with more padding, for fighting you require less padding.

It is not possible to find a pair of gloves that fulfill all your needs. The quality of gloves plays important role in the quality of training. Having a bad pair of gloves is similar to find a rock in the shoe.

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So choosing the right pair of boxing gloves is quite important. You can also buy hand wraps for the extra protection of your hands. Today, we will look at the few suggestions which can help you to find the right pair of boxing gloves:   

Glove weight

The most commonly used gloves are 8 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz and 16 oz gloves. Size and weight of the gloves depend on the padding of the gloves. More the padding more is the weight of the gloves. Therefore, 16 oz and 14 oz gloves are used for sparring. For the competition, 8 oz gloves are used because they are less padded, lightweight and help to increase the punching speed.

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Most of the boxing gloves are made of the vinyl or leather. Vinyl gloves are cheaper and less durable whereas leather boxing gloves are of the best quality. Leather boxing gloves are more durable and last much longer than vinyl gloves.    

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Types of gloves

There are different types of gloves available in the market. Bag gloves, sparring gloves, training gloves, and competition gloves all have different padding and weight. Depending on your needs, you have to choose the right type of gloves.

You can follow these tips to find the right pair of gloves for you. You can also click here to read more tips for choosing the right pair of boxing gloves.