Different Types Of Electrician And Their Importance

Electricity is an essential need, one cannot spare even a single day without electricity. An electrician is a specialized person who is able to perform electricity jobs.

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electrician at work

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Depending upon the nature & complexity of job electrician are classified into the various category:


It is the first step to becoming a professional electrician. As it implies, Apprentices are electricians who are in their training period to get certification in order to become a journeyman. They usually work under the supervision of a master or trained electrician. They are perfect for homeowners to perform simple electricity works such as wire repairing or fixing the fuses.

The professional electrician of West Auckland remain available on weekends too, so in case of an emergency, you can call them to resolve your problem. You can check their service portfolio &  background in order to ensure the quality services.


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They are a skilled and trained electrician, certifies to practice electrical jobs. They work for both residential as well as commercial electricity services. Journeymen electricians work mostly with mechanical connections, installations, power supplies, and overhead lines. They mainly work in construction firms, utility companies, or manufacturing plants.

Master Electrician

The master electrician is highly skilled tradesmen usually found working in supervisory roles for major companies or working as a licensed electrician in their own contracting business. These types of electricians have already completed their apprenticeship and earned their bachelor’s degree as well as their certification as master electricians.

Master electricians also need to possess managerial skills in order to supervise laborers, apprentices, and journeymen on either residential or commercial jobs.

Electricity services can give fatal results if done improperly, therefore, it becomes essential to the right electrician. if you find it difficult how to find the commercial electrician, see this post.