How Important Is Hiring A Traffic Engineering Expert?

Road accidents occur almost everyday. On their website, the Association for Safe International Road Travel (ASIRT) reports that there are approximately 1.4 million deaths due to road accidents each year. The ASIRT also mentions that there are close to 55 million people who get injured due to these accidents. Sometimes, traffic engineering consultants witnesses are needed during litigation.

Traffic Engineering Sydney

To avoid these numbers from growing over time, the government, with the help of private organizations such as the ASIRT, has been creating and strictly implementing traffic regulations and rules. These rules are intended for only one thing, and that’s to protect both drivers and pedestrians from getting involved in any vehicular accidents.

But no matter how strict the government tries to implement all these road rules, there are still many reckless motorists who make our roads unsafe to drive in. So in the event you become involved in an accident, the second most valuable person that you ought to get in touch with is a traffic engineering expert witness. Aside from a lawyer, a traffic engineering expert can help you win your case.

But if you reverse the expert witness directory, then you will be greeted by a number of expert witnesses it can be tricky to choose which one can provide you the best services. So to help you make the appropriate choices, here are some tips and guidelines.

Traffic Engineering Sydney

First, be very specific about the expert’s area of expertise or scope of responsibility. As an example, you will meet a traffic engineering specialist who claims to be highly trained on the building and maintenance of the various traffic control systems. You may also encounter an engineering expert who specializes in traffic zones, traffic signs, and pedestrian safety. So choose the one whose expertise is directly related to your case.

Next, have a look at the number of cases he testified in. This is to give you a sense of his experience in the court. Also, check the types of cases he testified in. What type of legal proceeding did he participate in? What’s his style? What kind of services does he offer? Set aside some time to analyze his portfolio.

Last, it helps to check with other sources for complaints, ratings, and feedback. As an example, if you would like to hire from an organization, you might want to head over to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to test for both positive and negative feedback. Or you can ask recommendations from previous clients so you can assess the traffic engineering expert witness’s credibility.